Seth Lui - “One Of The Most Celebrated, Well-Known Dim Sum In Singapore”

Swee Choon is one of Singapore’s oldest established dim sum restaurants,
having more than 40 years of heritage. What was originally a single unit
shop-house at Jalan Besar has grown to occupy 4 connecting shop-houses and
even has tables in the back alley.
I First came to know Swee Choon years ago because it opened till 6am, and was
thea perfect supper place for drunk party-goers. Strangely, the traditional dim
sum model has always been a morning affair, but Swee Choon Dim Sum has
managed to turn it around, only opening for business at 6pm instead. After
clubbing, Swee Choon is fairly accessible from town and thus caters to the
midnight supper gang. Families and youngsters alike patronize this popular spot
along Jalan Besar.